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Sunday, August 17, 2014

The warning against Saudi kingdom

These days in one corner of the world, there are many children and families who are suffering and cannot sleep at nights calmly. That’s because every moment death can come to capture their lives and leave them no moment to live.
The governors of some countries in Persian Gulf area have no political power without the approval and support of Zionists and Western powers. Puppet dictators which have no credibility among their people keep their rule going by force and violence. They bear no criticism and shut any mouth opened against them by brutal means.
The puppet-like governors of Arab world deepen their hands in the slaughter of innocent people instead of helping to remove injustice and oppression. While we observe the bloodshed in the region for so long, the Saudi kingdom and its rich princes not only have been silent towards these brutalities, but also they have helped the criminals secretly if possible and even openly. 
The Saudi kingdom which has not been successful in dealing with issues such as poverty, oppression, and injustice and also has not succeeded in turning the country into a democratic one, now has turned his eyes towards the region to wage war and bloodshed.   
Bloodshed and brutality against defenseless people is now widespread in many areas around the globe including Gaza, Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Bahrain. All these are unforgivable scenes that all of us are observing. 
In the last month nearly 2000 innocent people from Gaza have lost their lives in horrible attacks plus 9000 more injured ones all in Israeli atrocities. Who are financing these wars and brutalities? Who are financing the Israelis?
Who is going to provide an answer to the Gaza bloodshed?
Who has ordered the bloodshed in Iraq?
The Saudi kingdom donates millions of dollars to their American friend in their private meetings to finance their military operations. Aren’t these actions just the proof that Saudis are financing bloodshed in the globe?
The prisons of Saudi kingdom are just another example of anti-humanistic actions carried out by the regime. They have held a large number of people in their prisons with no reason and proof. They just imprison them by allegations of being political activists. They just torture them in their prisons.
While social, economic and political freedom is harshly limited in the Saudi kingdom, international and regional organizations rarely voice any criticism against them. Finally there should be an end to all the brutal torture and violation of human rights in Saudi Arabia.
No one knows exactly how many political prisoners are kept in numerous Saudi prisons.
Today the Saudi kingdom has proven its role as one of the biggest financiers of terrorism around the globe. The silence taken by the Saudis against the Gaza crisis is just the sign of what policies?