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Monday, July 21, 2014

Anonymous asks Elite hackers to join them in a massive cyber attack on Israel

The online hacktivist Anonymous has a message for Israeli government in which the group has asked elite hackers from around the world to join them and conduct a massive cyber attack against the state of Israel.
A YouTube video message uploaded couple of days ago talks about Israeli air strike on Gaza and criticizes the killings of innocent children and women. 

We’ve been fighting Israel and their terrorist state for over 4 years, and we have not grown weary or tired. It has only made us stronger. Therefore, we are calling upon the anonymous collective, and the elite hacker groups to join our crusade, and to wage cyber war against the state of Israel once more. This Friday will be a day in where Israel will feel fear tingling in their servers, and homes. It will be a day of solidarity and resistance, according to the video message.

Watch the video below: 

This will not be the first time when hackers will conduct a cyber attack on Israel over ongoing conflict. Hamas already hacked Israeli channel 10 satellite communication and about a week ago several hackers targeted Israeli servers, claiming to leak highly confidential data belong to Israeli police and other government sites. The Turkish hackers also hacked official MSN Israel domain against Gaza attacks.
Tuesday, July 15, 2014

AnonGhost #opSaveGaza

Be aware of the AnonGhost operation dubbed #opSaveGaza. The AnonGhost hackers have launched a new operation.

The operation #opSaveGaza is asking all hackers, human right organisations and activists all around the world to unite in the #opSaveGaza operation.
Last month the AnonGhost hackers launched the #opPetrol operation, and now they have put their aim back on defending Palestinians and Muslims and other friendly people which are in the Gaza environment.

[FULL HD] Message To Israhell and all the world #OpSaveGaza #AnonGhost

Monday, July 14, 2014

Crime in Gaza continues unabated

A large number of  Gaza children and adolescents wounded by Israeli attacks,were  transferred  to the "Alshfa" Hospital on the besieged strip. Also many children  killed during Israel's invasion of  surrounded Gaza coastline.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that they will not stop their attacks against Gaza.
Israel use carcinogen bombs in their attacks that use of them according to internationally laws is prohibited.

Anti-Israel protests held in US cities

Jewish protesters organized demonstrations against Israel in 15 cities across the United States, condemning Tel Aviv for atrocities it is committing against Palestinians. The protests organized by Jewish Voice for Peace were held Friday in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, among other cities, and drew thousands demonstrators.
As demonstrators across the United States were holding protests, the US House of Representatives expressed support for Israel’s deadly strikes against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
Lawmakers in the lower chamber of US Congress voted in favor of a non-binding resolution that acknowledges Tel Aviv’s right to what they call self-defense.

Haaretz has been hacked by AnonGhost #opSaveGaza

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hackers target Israeli Govt, claim leaking login details in support of Palestine

Hackers from around the world are targeting Israeli government against the ongoing bombing over Gaza Strip, Palestine
First in row is Moxer cyber team which claims to breach Israel export & international cooperation institute (ieici), and leak 45 emails of the Institute’s employees along with their hashed passwords. 
The same team claims to breach the official website of Israel Meteorological Service and leak 22 emails and hashed passwords of service’s employees. Moxer cyber teams have also claimed breaching bank of Israel and leaking 52 emails and their hashed passwords.

Friday, July 11, 2014

American banks will be targeted by opposition of US

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

غزة تحت النار

قتل وجرح عدد کبیر من المدنیین نتیجة الغارات الجویة للطائرات الصهیونیة علی قطاع غزة .وکانت مناطق مختلفة من غزة مثل جبالیا و رفح ومخیم البریج خلال الایام القلیلة الماضیة من شهر رمضان الکریم ترزح تحت القصف الصاروخي الاسرائیلي الوحشي . العدو الاسرائیلي الظالم یختلق الحجج الواهیة لکي یقصف ویصب نار حقده الدفین علی رؤوس الناس في الاراضي المحتلة وغزة الصمود والعزة .وهذه المرة اسرائیل لدیها حجة اختطاف ثلاثة اسرائیلییین من المستوطنات في الاراضي المحتلة لتقتل وتجرح وتختطف العدید من افراد الشعب الفلسطیني المظلوم ومنظمات حقوق الانسان في العالم الحر والدیموقراطي أخرس وأطرش وأعمی أیضاً ولا یعلم أبداً ماذا یجري في فلسطین لأن وسائل الاعلام العالمیة لا تنشر شیئاً من جرائم اسرائیل البشعة التي تمنع نشر مثل هذه الاخبار لان الصهاینة هم اصحاب وسائل الاعلام العالمیة هذه .