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Monday, August 4, 2014

Israel is responsible for genocide in Gaza

Nearly one month has passed from the beginning of the Israeli-made genocide in Gaza. Israeli regime has committed whatever crimes to guarantee its existence. The use of missiles and fighters along with chemical weapons and forbidden weaponry are among these crimes.
There are a high number of children killed by Israeli bombardment in Gaza. Now there is a big question: are these children threat to the Israel’s security?
Why those governments such as U.S and European ones have been silent in this conflict.
While Israelis have made Gaza a slaughter-house, Mr. Jeffry Flatman reiterates and confirms the criminal activities of the Israel’s brutal regime.
Those governments as the U.S, Saudi Arabia and Jordan are defending publicly and secretly the brutal actions of Israel and they certainly are to be held accountable for their support.
We as humans strongly support and defend the right of the oppressed and we unanimously condemn these belligerent barbaric attacks launched by the Israeli Army. We assure the Israeli officials that they are responsible for these brutalities and they must provide answers for the crimes committed by their orders.
The bloodshed made by killing of defenseless people in Gaza will turn into a flood some day and will put an end to your brutal history.