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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Strong Cyber-Attack on Saudi Stock Exchange

A few hours ago, an operation was carried out against Saudi Arabia's Stock Exchange by two Hacktivist groups.
According to the hackers, the attack has been performed in retaliation for Saudi Arabia's financial support for Israeli atrocities, and in protest at Saudi regime's violence towards prisoners in this country.
Following this attack carried out by Izzah Hackers , Al-asefa Al-horria , Anon Arab Ops and 04xd the website of Stock Exchange were inaccessible in some areas for users for nearly two hours.
Since the last day, Zionist regime has resumed its criminal actions and began bombing several areas of Gaza strip. Because of these air strikes some innocent women and children were killed.
We warn Saudi regime to stop its support for terrorism and to stop violating human rights, otherwise the next operations will be more sophisticated and powerful.
More Hacktivist groups have announced their readiness to take part in next attacks.
Today's Operation against Saudi Stock Exchange was only a Warning.


Unknown said...

That helped me a lot! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again!
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