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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Re-offending Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Once again the enemies of God and Islam, in the name of "freedom of speech", have insulted Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Apparently freedom of speech in the West is nothing but insulting millions of people's religious sanctities. In contrast, any Muslims objection to these insults in Western countries is not included in "freedom of speech", but is suppressed strongly.
This time, a Norwegian evil-minded homosexual blogger, in brazen act, has released some images for insulting the prophet of Islam. Also, in an unforgivable action, she has invited others to do the same. These measures indicate their deep hatred toward Islam because of its enlightenment against evil nature of the Western powers.
But they will receive pounding responses to their rude behavior soon.

The above photo belongs to "Sara Azmeh Rasmussen" who has affronted the prophet.