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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Saudi Aramco digital explosion Six days passed, network still down

Six days after so called "shamoon attack" on saudi arabian oil company aramco : the network still down.
About 30,000 clients and servers ( about 2,000 servers ) were destroyed during the digital explosion
 The most important thing for the Aramco managers ( as well as those capitalism head  quarters in the US) was to convince people that nothing important has happened to Oil itself and the production line is working safely. Sentences like these can be found largely in the news :
        “The assault on the Aramco systems affected some individual workstations but not the primary  components ...”
        “Aramco says virus attacks network, oil Output Unaffected”
        “Saudi Aramco computers hit by virus. Production not affected as world's biggest oil company  says network will be online soon”
        “Oil OK after cyberattack on Saudi Aramco”
But the reality is different thing. With so diverse damage and vast destruction they are not able to continue normal work until a long time. They even are suspecting their employees and torturing some of them  to find the source of attacks. In a letter, hackers pointed this issue and also published the range of clients that are affected in the attack.