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Thursday, August 23, 2012

From Stuxnet to Shamoon

In 2012, Belarus Computer experts found a Virus which aimed interruption in the performance of industry systems Control mechanisms. They called it Stuxnet. Symantec Technicians believed this virus has been designed to work within a special district.

 Victims were in form of SCADA files, these files are typically for Control software’s of Siemens Company. In the other hand, Iran has just imported dozen of such Equipment in it’s the nuclear sites so Iran could be the Target.
When the media announced the Israeli-American project of Stuxnet by the direct order of president Obama there were no doubt about poor Iran being attacked.
Stuxnet became a symbol of Cyber war, in this War Style the enemy tries to influx to the main Network of Victim country with no casualties. The Last type of these Viruses called SHAMOON, this virus sends a copy of sensitive information to the source and then delete the data such that no one can recover it.
Just like Stuxnet, SHAMOON targeted industrial centers but not nuclear this time Energy one. As BBC reported the all interruption that made Aramco down for sure is the consequence of SHAMOON. Some Experts believe that SHAMOON is the evaluated version of Flame virus, Flame is an improved copy of Stuxnet.