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Monday, July 15, 2013

First Anniversary proclamation of Hilf-ol-Fozoul

Those who a war is imposed on them are given the chance of offering Jihad. Because they are under oppression and of course God is hard mighty on making their victory.
Surah Hajj-verse 39
With regard to all free people particularly Muslims around the world and happy Ramadan.
We hope we move in the way of becoming acquainted and perfect men and we hope hearts of the Muslims and all people in search of liberty come closer together, and roots of oppression will be destroyed in the world.
Now one year is being passed since Hilf-ol-Fozoul got birth and the world looked on many events during this period of time. Israel attack on defenseless people of Gaza, massacre of people in Syria, Pakistan, and Myanmar and etc. insolence toward Prophet of Islam in a disdainful movie, incubus powers efforts to save corrupt regimes or their job to mislead movements made and backed by the people, and casting Saudi-Qatari dollars in order to make their planes on go, was among those events.
As the Hilf-ol-Fozoul announced one year before, it putts effort and tries to support groups which fight against injustice and oppression to load their voice up and make awake minds and hearts hear it, and it tries to help groups fighting against autocratic regimes to gain their independence and try their nation to make their fate themselves.
In this field, we were with the friends who cooperated with Hilf-ol-Fozoul in the field of asking for justice and liberty, and we thank them all. Group Anonymous; group Saudi Anonymous, Cyber Army of Syria, Izz-ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber fighters, those involved in operation OpISRAEL and operation OpUSA, justice enraged sword, digital Intifada, and all walked on justice path. We hope more groups in search of liberty will be attached to this movement to get the world full of equality, peace, friendship, and justice.
We ask almighty God to help us to offer our duty in fight for justice and against oppression in this hard field.