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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Izz ad-din al-Qassam, started the third phase of Operation Ababil

After the negligence of American authorities to warning of Qassam about removing the insulting film from YouTube, this group announced in its new statement that is going to start its third cycle of attacks, this week.
The second cycle of attacks to the banks leads to removing the most popular edition of the insulting film to prophet. 
But, this group had given an opportunity to American authorities for some weeks in order for YouTube to remove other editions of this film that subsequently if this request doesn’t to be take in to consideration, the attacks of this group against the banks will be started again.

Phase 3, Operation Ababil

As we have said earlier, the Operation Ababil is performed because of widespread and organized offends to Islamic spirituals and holy issues, especially the great prophet of Islam(PBUH); and if the offended film is eliminated from the Internet, the related attacks will also be stopped.
Those who are our announcements' main addressing party, should know that we Muslims youth who are running this job won't be entrapped by their propaganda and only when the insulting movies are removed from the Internet we will stop this work. Those who create fake assumptions about us using their weak analysis also show that they are completely unfamiliar with this cyber environment.
While running the phase 2 of Operation, a main copy of the insulting film was removed from YouTube and that caused the phase 2 to be suspended. al-Qassam cyber fighters measured this act positively and a bit sign of rationalism in the U.S. government and for this reason suspended the operation for one month. That also was an opportunity for U.S. government to think more about the topic and remove other copies of the film as well.
Now at the end of one month time it is seen that other copies of the film yet exist in YouTube so we announce the Phase 3 of Operation Ababil will start this week.
During running Operation Ababil Phase 3, like previous phases, a number of american banks will be hit by denial of service attacks three days a week, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during working hours.
Based on the formula which is approved for paying, the united states must still pay because of the insult:

T = total views;
L = total likes;
D = total Dislikes;
DF = Dislike factor = 10;
C = Approximate Cost on US banks per each DDoS minute = 30000$
        ---> ( if you think we are wrong then don't hesitate to tell us )
CF = Amount that US banks must pay for each view/like = 100$  ( based on al-Qassam jury's sentence )

TC = Total Cost US banks should pay for the insult = (T+L-DF*D) * CF
        { if ( TC < 0 ) then TC = (S*C*3) /* i.e. if those URLs yet exist then loop must continue even with a lot of dislikes*/ }
TM = total minute we shall do DDoS to fulfill our duty = TC/C
S = Average DDoS success rate per day = 7 hours = 420 minutes
===> TD = Total days we shall be busy DDoSing US banks = TM/S

PD = Total days passed already = (total busy weeks) * (busy days per week)
REM = Remained days we shall be busy DDoSing US banks = TD-PD
{ if ( REM < 3 and TC > 0 ) then REM = 3 /* i.e. if those urls yet exist then loop must continue even when all costs paid*/ }

so we have :
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Invoice ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

        YouTube URL                                                             views                   previous views  Delta views             like    Dislike      0(REMOVED)      17,146,560              -17,146,560             0               0      5,143,303       5,123,688               19,615          17,609          62,311      1,640,384       1,639,751               633                     2,716           6,279      1,111,332       1,106,758               4,574           1,652           2,993      1,578,431       1,568,967               9,464           3,458           3,529

summation                                                                               9,473,450       26,585,724      -17,112,274             25,435          75,112

T=Total views                   9,473,450
L=Total likes                   25,435
D=Total Dislikes                75,112
DF=Dislike Factor               10
C=Cost per minute               30,000
CF=Cost to pay Factor   100

TC = (T+L-DF*D) * CF    874,776,500                     Old TC          2,470,747,200
                                                                                        Delta TC        -1,595,970,700
TM = TC/C                               29,159                          Old TM          82,358
                                                                                        Delta TM        -53,199
S=DDoS Success rate     420
TD = TM/S                       69
PD=Passed days          36

                                Days    Weeks   Monthes
REM = TD-PD             33              11              2.75


We know that they have marked to examine the sensitivity and zeal of the Muslims and now they seriously observe the consequences of this experiment.

We are ready.

Martyr Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters