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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Terrorists Target SANA TV with Shells. Four Martyred, Several Injured

In a new aggression on the national media, terrorists fired Mortar shells on Baramkeh area in Damascus, one shell fell near the Building of the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).
The terrorist attack on SANA claimed the lives of four persons and wounded others, including workers in the Agency and passing citizens.

The four SANA workers who were martyred are Samer al-Masri, Khaled al-Seda, Azzam Abbas, and cafeteria worker Mohammad Ibrhaim.

SANA affirms that this cowardly terrorist attack proves the criminal nature of the malicious murderers who target unarmed civilians in ther homes and workplaces and in the streets.

SANA adds that this attack on Syrian media has well-known goals, but it will not change anything as SANA staff will continue to carry out their work and will not be intimidated by the terrorists' attacks.

The staff of SANA offers its condolences to the martyred who passed away in this terrorist attack.

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