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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

US Federal Reserve Admits It Was Hacked by Anonymous

According to SOFTPEDIA A Federal Reserve spokesperson told Huffington Post that the attackers exploited a vulnerability in “a website vendor product.” However, he claimed that the issue was fixed shortly after the breach had been discovered.

On Monday, Anonymous hackers leaked the details of 4,000 bank executives, as part of Operation Last Resort (OpLastResort), a campaign initiated against the US justice system after the suicide of Aaron Swartz.

The Federal Reserve says that no critical operations have been affected by the breach. Furthermore, it maintains that the hacktivists’ claims are “overstated.”

Fed representatives told Reuters that passwords were not compromised.

So far, several US government sites have been breached as part of Anonymous’ OpLastResort, including the US Sentencing Commission, the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center and the Eastern District of Michigan United States Probation Office.