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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Anonymous: Bank of America Is Spying on Us and the Occupy Movement

Anonymous hackers accuse Bank of America of paying contractors to spy on them and the Occupy movement. After doing some detective work, the hacktivists claim to have found a large amount of data on Anonymous collected by a BoA sub-contractor called TEKSystems.

They say they’ve found evidence that BoA has been monitoring some of the main Anonymous IRC networks and social media channels.
“Anonymous are revealing details that implicates the Bank of America with spying on the public, a topic normally associated with the FBI and CIA,” Anonymous members stated.
“Under the guise of business intelligence and fraud prevention the BoA have been gathering personal information on the public as part of its risk assessment process. This blatant breach of privacy is a shocking insight into the spying tactics used by the banking system.”
The hacktivists claim to have obtained large amounts of information on how the financial institution is spying on “perceived threats.”
“To start with, we present you about 320mb of internal reports and and emails assembled for Bank of America by a sub-contractor named TEKSystems (who in turn are a subsidiary of the Allegio Group whose founder also owns the Baltimore Ravens),” the hackers wrote next to the data leak.
“These reports and emails assembled ‘intelligence’ from sources like public channels on Anonymous and other IRC networks like Anonops, Voxanon and Cryto, as well as other social media.”
The hackers also say they've gained access to around 6 GB of software source code apparently belonging to ClearForest. The code, which they believe is the “base system” for the acquisition of information, is still being analyzed, but the hacktivists say they will leak it once it’s assessed.