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Monday, July 28, 2014

Saul Cyber Army claim responsibility for attacks on Israeli DNS Servers

Over the past few days a Hacktivist group have been attacking on Israeli DNS servers which led to a several-hours disruption in surfing the internet. Until yesterday, a group named "Saul Cyber Army" took responsibility for the attacks through an announcement, in which they released a list of Israeli targets.

See the full text of announcement below.

operation Asf alMaakoul CyberFire

The criminal Israel has once again found the time suitable to commit another crime against the Palestinian nation and has invaded Gaza and its oppressed people from the ground, the sea and the air with firearms and prohibited and chemical weapons.

Does such a regime for whom killing kids, babies, men and women, little or big makes no difference, enjoy any sign of humanity?

Has the so called holocaust turn into the pretext for the same regime to change into a blood-thirsty wolf?

Do you think the six-pointed star approves of killing children with any prohibited bombs or missiles?

Isn't this shame enough for the occupying Israel that after more than 60 years from its establishment, it has now turned into the most hated state in the world and its leaders are the meanest in the eyes of the people of the world?  And this fact that other countries have no interest in having any interaction or communication with them, and even if they have any, it's with reluctance and disgust?
Don't they see their ugliness in mirrors and that their noisome smell is annoying for all the free minded people and countries in the world?

The Israeli regime who once claimed dominance over a large part of the Middle East is now helpless against a sieged but resistant city called Gaza. The Resistant's rockets now are aimed at Tel Aviv and beyond, and the Israelis hide themselves like rats in places of refuge and holes. When Netanyahu hears sirens he leaves the interview and runs away. Netanyahu! Why you coward used to brag this much before?

All those states who support the anti-human crimes of this corrupt and criminal regime are accomplices in this sin. In particular, Mr. Obama and Secretary Kerry are accomplices in this genocide and are throat-deep in its mud. Thus wait, for the Revenge Day is close!

In defense of the oppressed and resistant nation of Palestine and simultaneously with the hearty and innocent resistance of the Resistant Groups against the corrupt regime of Israel, the "Saul Cyber Army" started the al-Asf al-Maakoul CyberFire operation against the corrupt regime and presents this operation to the martyred children of Gaza

In this operation, Israel e-Government infrastructure "Tehila" was fired.

After initiation of the attack to tehila e-Gov. infrastructure which started at Sunday, 27 July 2014 04:00 PM ( 13:00 GMT ) most of Israeli government sites went out of service and the data center service went down and out of access completely.

List of governmental sites which went down under the cyber-attack is here:

 [Israel Government Portal]

 [President of the state of Israel]
 [Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs]
 [Israel Security Agency]

The Hebrew regime decided to filter all internet traffic from the world toward the occupied territory to overcome the attack, so the regime isolated itself from the cyber world as it has isolated from the real world already. The attack took 4 hours before being stopped.

"Saul Cyber Army" also had attacked top-level .il DNS servers of Israel at Monday, 20 July 2014 09:00 AM ( 06:00 GMT ). The day after, two other Israeli sites mossad ( and fibo bank ( also encountered DDoS attack by Saul Cyber Army and went out of service for a period of 4 hours.

SCA promises to continue cyber-attacks toward the Israeli infrastructure until the regime accepts cease-fire offered by Gaza people.

Saul Cyber Army