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Monday, July 7, 2014

Muhammad and Aisha Animation New insulting to the Prophet of Islam

Anti-Islam activists in Europe again make and publish an offensive animation to Prophet of Islam with all the impertinence.
This animation ‘Aisha and Muhammad’ has been directed by Imran Firasat who has already taken refuge in Spain.

According to the news Muslims and Islamic groups in various parts express their protest against construction and publish of this animation. Animation director has announced that this animation will be published soon in other languages.
We express our opposition to this abominable act and we want from Muslims around the world as far as possible express their protest against this action.

We warn to the producers of this baseless animation that with the excuse of freedom of speech, don’t insult to the followers of divine religions. As Muslim world, never insult to followers of Jesus Christ and Moses and other prophets and respect for all the prophets according to teachings of Holy Quran.


no God no strife said...

all religions are a insult to intelligent people who don't need brainwashing