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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stopping the Cyber Attacks of Qassam Group to American Banks in Consequence of Removing the Film Called “Innocence of Muslims” from the Internet

Finally and after passing some months of negligence of officials to the expectations of Qassam Group, the authorities have decided to remove this film. Of course, it has happened after powerful attacks of this Group on U.S. banks and financial institutes in order to remove the film from the Internet.
The Qassam Group which had announced its bets of stopping the attacks in the earlier statements, after observing this behavior and afterward removal of the offensive film, has announces in its new statements that in spite of determined plans in order to attack in this week, will stop its attacks due to removing this film till future notice.
In other part of this statement, the Group also has mentioned to the remained links of this film on the internet and has expected to remove those links from the internet.
The entire statements of Qassam Group received via Email is visible below: 

Operation Ababil suspended due to removal of insulting movie
- ------------------------------------------------------------

Well, after a while a little bit of rationalism was seen and the main copy of the insulting movie was removed from YouTube. In fact in the following five-fold list that was mentioned in the al-Qassam group's statements, the first one which had the most number of views has been removed:      17,146,560   <----- REMOVED from YouTube         5,123,688       1,639,751             1,106,758       1,568,967

This is a clear indication of progress and establishment of logic instead of obstinacy. This positive move is a humanitarian effort and in line with paying respect to divine religions which has made billions of people love them; and it's a becoming and proper action. All of us -al-Qassam group, U.S. government, and even YouTube and Google's managers- carrying on such a wise action have contributed to this victory and progress.

The al-Qassam cyber fighters lauds this positive measure of YouTube and on this basis suspends his operation and plans to give a time to Google and U.S. government to remove the other copies of film as well. During the suspension of Operation Ababil, no attack to U.S. banks would take place by al-Qassam cyber fighters.

Surely it's not over yet and although the main link is removed from YouTube, but there are other copies which their list was mentioned herein before:

And other than they there are more copies which are seen in other languages, for instance:

All of them needed to be removed. Meanwhile, we will control the situation constantly and closely and will adopt the correct decision according to the future circumstances.

The Suspension of Operation Ababil has started today and will continue till further notice.

- -------- What happened last week --------

During previous week of operation the following list of 26 U.S. banks were under attack by al-Qassam cyber fighters:

Wells Fargo, BoA, PNC, CapitalOne, Citibank, HarrisBank, Huntington, Zions Bank, Regions F.C., J.M. Chase, BB&T, Key, Union bank, Comerica, 5/3, FirstCitizens, CitizenBank, UMPQUABANK.COM, Peoples U.F., UFCU, BBVACompass, UMB, PATELCO, M&T BANK, BankOfTheWest, and Synovus F.C.

We will consider this step in the future invoices if ever needed.

We had decided to continue attack on 10 banks during current week but it was canceled because of suspension of operation.