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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hamas calls for mobilization in support of Jerusalem on Friday

Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, in the West Bank called on the entire Palestinian people in the West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem to announce mobilization and participate in “The Friday of Anger” on July 31 in support of Occupied Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque.

In a statement, Hamas said the Friday of Anger comes in response to Israeli violations of and incursions into the holy Aqsa Mosque. It is, as well, in protest against arresting Palestinian female worshipers and assaulting the elderly and children. Besides it is in defense of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). 

Friday of Anger’s events will start immediately after Friday’s prayer in all cities, towns and refugee camps of the West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem, Hamas said. 

Israeli forces along with groups of settlers broke into the Aqsa Mosque last Friday and assaulted Muslim female worshipers inside. They also desecrated the southern Mosque, threw copies of the Holy Quran, and cursed Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).