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Friday, May 29, 2015

Al Saud is sponsor of war and terrorism around the globe

Now, it is more than 50 days that with Saudi officials’ decree the defenseless people of Yemen are under bombs and missiles and arew experiencing a real bloodshed.
It is now weeks and months that Saudi youth are being arrested by security forces of Saudi regime in different areas and their fate is still unknown.
On the other hand, the Saudi royal family that is among the main sponsors and supporters of terrorism in the world now is spending all the assets of the country for its secret holidays with Americans and Zionists and also for killing and murdering people. Salman, the Saudi king, is now spending millions and millions to introduce his own son as the Saudis’ next king.
International organizations and human rights watch are all silent and are just watching a human disaster taking place in Yemen.
The fake supporters of Islam are spreading their flames of anger and haterd on defenseless Yemeni women and children. For their commitment to Zionists and American officials, Saudis even attack civilian areas like hospitals with missiles and boms.
Saudi’s support of war and terrorism will soon backfire. Explosions in previous days in different areas of Saudi Arabia suggest the onset of terror groups’ activities in Saudi soil. The terrorists who are grown up and raised by Al Saud’s money are now going to continue their crimes and brutality within the Saudi soil.
We warn the Saudi people that being silent in front of the Saudi family of oppression and brutality is the biggest possible mistake. They, along with American and Zionist officials, are the cause of spreading corruption and brutality in the world. One must stand against them and does not allow them to continue their path of brutality and crime.   
We want all Yemeni people to break thier silence and make their voice of protest and truth-seeking reach the world. As always, We also along with all the people and freedom-seekers throughout the world, stand against these brutal oppressors.