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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Is Israel a friend of ISIS or just a foe?

Every day different news is reported and spread about the group ISIS. News is reported about slaughtering innocent people in different cities and countries, occupying areas etc. ISIS members claim that they are Muslims but the facts on the ground show the opposite. In the past months, with financial and military supports provided by Saudis and Americans, a great number of Sunni and Shia Muslims, Christians, Izadis etc. are injured and killed by ISIS fighters. Many people have left their houses after attacks launched by ISIS. Now that several months have passed from these atrocities, America, France, Saudi Arabia, England and others have formed a coalition to destroy ISIS. In the past several weeks, air strikes are launched by coalition fighter jets. Different areas have been the target of these air strikes. 
On the other hand, people and army in Syria and Iraq have resisted against these criminals and defended their countries against ISIS fighters.
In the news received from different areas of Iraq in the past several days, it is mentioned that Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, ISIS leader, was injured in air strikes while fleeing the scene. But no one has spoken of this event and that Caliph's hiding place and the way he is being treated was unknown.
But today, one of the official accounts of ISIS has confirmed that ISIS leader was wounded and the leader now is being treated by Israeli doctors.
Therefore, there is a big question for anyone. First, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and America plus others provided support for ISIS, then they formed a coalition to attack and defeat ISIS. Now that ISIS leader is injured by the coalition's fighter jets, Israeli doctors try to treat him whole-heartedly.
What is the meaning of the Israel's actions?
For what purposes Israel is pursuing such a policy?
What is the end point of these atrocities committed by Israelis towards defenseless people?