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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Syrian Electronic Army hackers Hijack 11 Twitter accounts of Guardian Newspaper

 Hackers from Syrian Electronic Army known for their hardcore support to Syrian President Bashar Ul Assad have hacked 11 official Twitter accounts of British owned Guardian Newspaper.
On their official website, the hackers uploaded the details of hack which shows that 11 Twitter accounts of Guardian Newspaper were hacked by the hackers for alleged lies of the paper about Syria.
“This came after this newspaper preying sometimes lies and slander about Syria”says the official SEA website.
Nine tweets were broadcast in an hour, including some with anti-Israeli sentiments, and others saying “Long Live Syria” and “Syrian Electronic Army Was Here”.
A tweet from Guardian Business read: “Follow the Syrian Electronic Army…Follow the truth! @Official_SEA12 #SEA #Syria.”
List of all 11 hacked Twitter can be found below:
Syrian Electronic Army has also left a note on their site against the Twitter management, according to which  “Note : The new account of the Syrian Electronic Army on Twitter after its management closed SEA account for 11 times.”
Syrian Electronic Army is the same group who earlier had hacked CBS Twitter account and posted images of Obama’s Involvement in Boston Bombings.
At the time of publishing this article, most of the Guardian Twitter accounts were suspended.

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