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Monday, May 13, 2013

Anonymous and Anonghost started #OpPetrol with the leak of Saudi Arabia Govt. Email Login credentials

After #OpUSA in which Hackers hacked, defaced many websites, leaked emails and data of govt. websites and financial institutions of USA, we also collected a plethora of hacked stuff under #OpUSA and we also got many fake hacks, defacement from various hackers over the world but after their #OpUSA hackers started #OpPetrol.

In the start of #OpPetrol hackers claim to hack 16 Gov Emails login credentials of Saudi Arabia Government, according to hackers this latest operation will target 12 Countries.
Hackers inform about their latest hack for #OpPetrol through a pastebin link, we checked that link and there are 16 Govt. Email usernames and passwords in plain text.

Hackers officially issued 20 June 2013 for their #OpPetrol but a welcome attack they give to Saudi Arabia.

Hackers going to Target 12 Countries:
  1. *USA
  2. *CANADA
  4. *ISRAEL
  5. *ARABIA SAUDIA (Only Gov)
  6. *CHINA
  7. *ITALY
  8. *FRANCE
  9. *RUSSIA
  10. *GERMANY
  11. *KUWAIT(Only Gov)
  12. *QATAR (Only Gov)

Hackers also said why this #OpPetrol?
Because Petrol is sold with the dollar ($) and Saudi Arabia has betrayed Muslims with their cooperation. So why isn't Petrol sold with the currency of the country which exports it?

Official Video for #OpPetrol