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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Attack To Israel's Governmental Websites

A few minutes ago an unknown cyber group attacked the below websites for supporting oppressed people of Gaza. Most of these websites belong to Israel govt.

  1.        Ministry of Foreign Affaris
  2.                National Insurance
  3.          Meterological Organization 
  4.        Economic Ministry
  5.        Ministry of Justice
  6.        the salary payment service of retires and elders
  7.       The ministry of Industry 
  8.       Organization of Taxes 
  9.       The ministry of Health 
  10.   Mossad spy Agency
  11.       office of population 
  12.       Israel`s Employment service for seeking Job
  13.       ministry of Country
  14.       the ministry of environment
  15.       electronic Government of childeren
  16.       International Center of Agriculture
  18.         The Investment Development Center rely on Ministry  of Industry
  19.               the Biologic and chemical medicine Research center 
  20.              Central office of population 
  21.      Populatio Organization
  22.      Police
  24.      the employment Service of Israel
  25.      Ministry of Housing and Construction
  26.      the Mapping Organization
  27.        Law enforcement Agency
  28.      the social and economic Committee
  29.      the mapping Organization of Israel 
  30.      Ministry of science and Technology
  31.              the Immunization Organization of Israel`s Roads
  32.      Water organization
  33.       the Organization of Foreign Affairs Archieves
  34.      Water organization
  35.               Israeli Prison service
  36.       the Organizatio of Taxes
  37.       Electrinic Government
  38.               the office of the prime minister
  39.        the ministry of Religious Advertisements affairs
  40.               Israel`s government Portal
  41.               electronic Government of childeren
  42.               personal Portal
  43.               electronic Government of western residents 
  44.       management of israel`s lands
  45.               Israeli rabbinical court
  46.               national Center of Checking the statues
  47.               Central bank of Israel 
  48.               Central bank of Israel 
  50.               Ministry of energy and water
  51.               Israeli Governmental Portal
  52.               Meterological Organization 
  53.               Online persons of Israel Defence Force
  54.       Ministry of Treasury
  55.               national Security council 
  57.       ministry of housing and Construction
  58.       ministry of public Security
  59.               the Biologic research Institute of Israel
  60.       Knowledge and Information community Organization 
  61.      Agency of Governmental Advertisements
  62.      the management of Information security of Israel`s websites
  63.      Atomic Energy Organization 
  65.      the Perspective portal of new Government
  66.      ministry of learning , education and sport
  67.      the Association of cultural and social correction of Israeli society
  68.      ministry of envionment
  69.              electronic Government Organization
  70.      Israeli Taxes Organization
  71.      the payment service- Government portal 
  72.      Mapping Organization of Israel
  73.      Govenmental Portal 
  74.      IDF
  75.      Ministry of social Affaires and services
  76.      Ministry of energy and water
  77.      the office of the prime minister
  78.      the Union of Advertising Companies
  79.      deputation of Europian Union ( b
  80.      the Security service Public
  81.      Govenmental Portal 
  82.      The Organization of public accountant of Israel 
  83.      the Organization of Israeli Ports and Seafaring
  84.              National security council 
  85.      management of israeli lands
  86.      Foreign Ministry
  87.      Office of the senior citizens of Israel