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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks The Daily Dot Website, Removes Article

On Monday, the Syrian Electronic Army sent out a tweet to The Daily Dot, urging the publication to remove a caricature of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from an article regarding the hacker group’s attack on Tango.
The Daily Dot refused, so the hackers broke into at least one Gmail account of Daily Dot staff. In addition, the hackers broke into the site’s admin panel and removed the article.
The attackers have published several pictures, including ones of emails sent out to Daily Dot staff about the Syrian Electronic Army’s “threat.”

Staff have been warned that the hackers use phishing emails to trick them into handing over their account credentials. Despite the warning, it appears that at least one individual fell for it.
“The stupid @dailydot administration panel.. we said ‘please’ it's your fault,” the Syrian Electronic Army wrote next to a picture apparently representing The Daily Dot’s admin panel.