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Monday, October 22, 2012

Another false flag operation like 9/11

11 years ago, the terrorist attacks on 11 September was the United States' excuse for invading two countries Iraq and Afghanistan and sending its troops to the Middle East. Since then, under the pretext of fighting terrorism, the Middle East security situation is far worse. But each year that passes since the attack on World Trade Towers (W.T.T) in New York was launched hidden dimensions of this accident have been revealed more.  It has been determined that the Bush administration not only was aware of such an incident occurred but also helped it to occur.

Every year the effects of the September 11 attacks were being less. For years, America's military presence in the Middle East had shown that this country couldn't establish peace in this region. with the arriving Arabic spring the peoples of the region demanded American's withdrawal from their lands . Now the West have to think of another excuse for military presence in the Middle East.
This issue has been discussed since long time ago that the next September 11 will be of cyber kind, but Leon Panetta's recent remarks can be known as a real start in a scenario which at the end of it, America maybe hits itself apparently fatally by implementing a complicated plan and then charges a third country with that hit in order to prepare for invading the third country.
We should point out that U.S. president Barack Obama, signed a guidelines on 17th May 2011 by which the destructive actions against US institutions networks and computer systems of other countries or non-governmental groups are considered as "act of war" and U.S. forces will be allowed to attack on the attacking country or group with military attack and using weapons of war.
The United States, before any attack on other countries, pretends to be weak and claims the aimed country as a powerful country, so it isn't new thing. We witnessed that in the first Persian Gulf War and the invasion of Iraq in the early 90's. Also in 2011, the world's most powerful airforce, United States Air Force (USAF) couldn't prevent of the aircraft collision. Subsequently some terrorists were able to fulfill their plan by passing several security barriers. It's very unusual! Also instances of U.S. cyber weaknesses in sectors such as transport, energy and services in Panetta's speech can be seen well, as on the other hand they speak about enemies that can launch any cyber-attack on the United States.
However, it's difficult to predict the future situation because of the process of change the world. But we should wait and see that:
Does America perform a scenario similar to Sept. 11 in cyberspace this time?